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    Mitt Romney Will Not Enroll In Medicare

    Turns down entitlement coverage on first day of eligibility.

    Mitt Romney will not enroll in Medicare, choosing to maintain his private insurance as his sole coverage, his campaign confirms.

    Romney turned 65 today, becoming eligible for the entitlement program he wishes to modify. The former Massachusetts governor has called for the wealthiest to see reduced public insurance benefits in order to maintain the solvency of the program. Romney, worth well north of $100 million, is practicing as he preaches.

    Romney has been able to receive partial Social Security benefits since the age of 62. (He will be eligible for full retirement benefits when he turns 66.) It's not clear whether he will partake in that benefit.

    Paying out smaller benefits to the wealthiest Americans (like himself) is a key component of Romney's plan to save money by means-testing both programs — a point he often emphasizes during his stump speech.

    From Romney's campaign website: