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Key Republicans "Dead Set" Against Promoting Susan Rice

McCain says he will do everything within his power to block her nomination. The U.N. ambassador gave bad facts on Benghazi.

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WASHINGTON, DC — Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain said Wednesday that they are "dead set" against confirming U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice if President Barack Obama were to nominate her to be Secretary of State.

"I am dead set on making sure we don’t promote anybody who was a player in the Benghazi debacle," Graham said in reference to Rice's appearances on the five Sunday shows in which she blamed the Benghazi attack on a anti-Islamic video.

The administration has said Rice was relying on CIA assessments pointing to the video, one of which has leaked, supporting the White House argument.

"She is so disconnected from reality that I don’t trust her,” the South Carolina Republican told reporters.

McCain demurred when asked if he would filibuster the potential nomination of Rice to replace Hillary Clinton, but said, "we will do whatever to block the nomination that is within our power as far as Susan Rice is concerned."