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    Joe Biden: "Are You Indian?" Man: “American!”

    Awkward exchange on the campaign trail in Florida.

    The Oshkosh Northwestern, Joe Sienkiewicz / AP

    Vice President Joe Biden had an awkward exchange at a stop at a restaurant in Sarasota, Fla. today.

    According to the pool report, a man came up to Biden as he was greeting patrons shouting, “You’ve got to get a picture with some guys!”

    Biden turned to the group of guys, then, according to the pool report, Biden asked one of them, “Are you Indian?”

    “American!” the man responded.

    “No, I mean first generation,” Biden replied, "with the further explanation of what he was saying being inaudible to the pool."

    Biden, wearing his trademark aviators and a blue blazer, also had his usual encounters with Florida voters. When one of the women called him “gorgeous," he quipped “would you tell my wife that."

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