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Heckler Hounds Newt On Ethics Report

Gingrich accuses him of being a Romney supporter. Supporter shouts "off with his head."

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CHARLESTON, South Carolina—Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was interrupted at a pre-primary rally here by a heckler shouting about a House Ethics Committee report into his financial dealings while in Congress.

"Why won't you release your ethics report," the man repeatedly shouted until escorted out of the event by police — but not before Gingrich berated him for "shouting mindlessly."

"The entire thing is available online on the THOMAS system," he said, referring to the Library of Congress database. "It’s about 900 pages long, you can print it out. And when you get done reading it, let me know if you have any questions," he added.

Newt continued: "I presume you are supporting a candidate who is afraid to release his tax returns...some people are just unhappy."

The heckler was also shouted down by Gingrich supporters who jeered and chanted "NEWT." One woman could also be heard shouting "off with his head," toward the heckler.

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