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GOP Recognizes Families Of "Many Forms," Calls For Auditing The Fed

A first look at the resolutions for the coming convention. The fringe gets a nod.

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TAMPA — The Republican National Committee passed a resolution on Thursday recognizing that "families take many forms," but strenuously maintained its support for "traditional marriage" and the Defense of Marriage Act, according to a copy obtained by BuzzFeed.

"Whereas, while the RNC recognizes that families take many forms, the institution of marriage itself is sacred and its traditional form must be upheld as a national model; a goal to strive for, encourage, and promote..."

The resolution was one of five passed by the Committee on Resolutions on Wednesday and approved by members of the Republican Party's governing body today. The others included a call to for all Republican lawmakers to back a bill to audit the Federal Reserve — a gift to Ron Paul supporters on the committee who have been defeated on nearly every other front.

The Romney campaign has largely run the table in the various RNC committees and meetings, and these resolutions were approved with little debate. Their goal is in part to placate potentially rowdy interest groups, and to keep the convention proceedings smooth.

The third resolution calls for a congressional investigation into the "Sanya Initiative" — a dialogue program between former U.S. and Chinese military leaders that the party believes is potentially compromising national security.

Yet another opposes "global taxes" that the committee believes the United Nations is trying to implement, specifically "a carbon tax, a currency transaction tax, and a billionaire tax."

The final one opposes using a Constitutional Convention to amend the United States Constitution, warning that Democrats are trying to use one to pass amendments "that would enshrine and effectuate their liberal agenda."

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