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    Gingrich Campaign Wants To Know Why Romney Wiped His Hard Drives

    "If he shows a little leg, we'll show a little leg. If he shows knee, then we'll show knee."

    SARASOTA, Florida — Newt Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said he welcomed Mitt Romney releasing his tax return, but said the delay said more about the candidate then what they actually contained.

    "If you made a list of presidential candidates suspected of tax fraud, historically, I don't think Mitt Romney would make the list," Hammond said, adding that because voters demanded them, the Republican candidates should provide them.

    "If the people want your tax returns out, then you should release them," he said. "That's what our beef was...The fact that Romney dragged his feet with this for a few weeks says a lot about who he thinks is in charge of this election."

    "What I want to see released is all of these wiped hard drives," Hammond said. "Has anyone ever physically wiped a hard drive? It's not easy to do," he quipped to reporters, citing Wikipedia as a source.

    On whether Gingrich would release more returns if Romney does, Hammond said "If [Romney] shows a little leg, we'll show a little leg. If he shows knee, then we'll show knee.

    Hammond called Freddie Mac "an old issue," saying Gingrich ended the discussion when he released his contract with the government-backed lender.

    "Let's vote," he said to reporters. "Boringest contract ever, or most boringest contract ever — complete disappointment, or total disappointment?"

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