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Foster Friess Made "Very Substantial" Donation To Romney SuperPAC Last Month

Former Rick Santorum backer throws his cash behind Romney.

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CHICAGO — Billionaire Foster Friess, the primary backer of the pro-Rick Santorum Super PAC, says he is fully behind Mitt Romney's efforts to defeat President Barack Obama, as well as his own behemoth Super PAC, Restore Our Future.

"I’m going to be full-fledged behind it," Friess told BuzzFeed after his remarks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Chicago Friday. He added that he made a "very substantial" donation to the Super PAC last month.

Friess said he met with Romney at a fundraiser in Phoenix recently.

"When you look a guy in the eye you can tell a little of what he’s like and he’s a special guy. He’s got a great family he loves America."

Friess, who had said Santorum had the best chance of winning the election, said he's now confident Romney has what it takes.

"I think he can win, and I think he will," he said.