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Foreign Policy Wonks Roll Eyes At Perry Iraq Re-Invasion Plan

He said what?

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Foreign policy wonks, like most Americans, were taken aback by Texas Gov. Rick Perry's announcement that he would send U.S. troops back to Iraq if he were elected president — which could mean reinvading Iraq.

BuzzFeed surveyed several foreign policy experts. Here's what they had to say about Perry's plans for Iraq:


"Does Perry think the Iraqi government wants our troops there? If not, you're right it's an invasion. But it really represents the GOP field not understanding that other countries would care about their sovereignty just like Americans would if Mexico proposed sending troops to help on the border without asking first."

"I agree with him that growing Iranian influence over Iraq is concerning and that we should consider that option, but doing so without Iraqi government acquiescence would be difficult at this point."

"Perry is demonstrating a carelessness about military lives on the line and basic strategy that should disqualify him from the White House. What would a reinvasion of Iraq achieve except the nail in the coffin regarding the perception of US power and purpose in the world."


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