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    Big Money Dries Up For Obama Campaign

    DNC fund serves as stop-gap as big donors max-out. The sharp decline is in contributions more than $500.

    Donations to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign declined sharply in April, as many big-dollar contributors hit the legal maximum, a BuzzFeed analysis of Federal Election Commission data shows.

    Obama’s campaign took in $25.7 million, after raising $43.6 million in conjunction with the Democratic National Committee. That represented a drop from the $35 million in receipts the campaign saw in March on $53 million raised by the joint fundraising effort.

    Most of Obama’s drop is attributable to a decline in contributions of more than $500, which fell by more than $9 million. Many of Obama’s top donors have already hit the legal $2500 maximum to the campaign, which — along with an apparent failure to recruit a new cadre of wealthy supporters — may account for the decline.

    By contrast, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign took in $11.7 million on a $40 million haul raised in conjunction with the Republican National Committee — with the average contribution over $525.

    Romney’s fundraising surge is not unexpected, but provides new impetus to Obama’s vaunted online money-raising machine to raise more from smaller donors as in 2008.

    With Rebecca Elliott.

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