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Ann Romney To Women: "We Need You"

Launches direct appeal to women voters, in wake of fierce contraception debate.

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MOLINE, Ill. — Ann Romney, playing an increasingly central role in her husband's campaign, is becoming his surrogate-in-chief with women after weeks of heated national debate about women's health and contraception.

"We are really upset. And I love it that women are upset too," she said, after polling the room to see if anyone will vote for President Barack Obama in the fall. “Women are talking about the economy. Women are talking about jobs. Women are talking about deficit spending."

She added a message to women voters across Illinois and the country: "We need you."

In recent weeks, Democrats have assailed Republicans for launching a war on women, and just last week Republicans countered with the same charge.

The Romney campaign has largely remained above the controversy, but Ann Romney's outreach represents the beginning of outreach to women voters in the general election.

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