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16 Reasons Why Vienna Is The Best City To Study In

Exchange in Vienna, Austria is the best decision you can make. #wienexperience

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1. Stunning Architecture

Vienna has palaces, cathedrals, theatres, and churches galore. Everywhere you look is a work of art. It's no wonder that the historical center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

2. Beautiful Nature

In Vienna there are many ways to immerse yourself into nature.

With options such as strolling through city parks, swimming in the Danube, skiing in the Austrian Alps, hiking nearby hills with amazing views, or exploring the forest in the Vienna Woods, there is certainly no lack of outdoor adventure.

3. Highest Quality of Living

According to international consulting firm Mercer, Vienna currently holds the rank for the world's most livable city making the city the first place title holder for 6 consecutive years. Wow!

4. Rich Cultural Life

Vienna is filled with cultural activities that students can take advantage of at amazing student prices. All of the museums, cinemas, operas, theatres, concerts, and ballets have student discounts. Where else can you pay €3-4 for a world-renowned opera or a Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performance?

5. Viennese Balls

Vienna Philharmonic Ball / Via

Want to see what it's like to be royal? You can feel like a princess or a prince at an Austrian ball. With over 450 per year there is no shortage of opportunities!

6. Best Public Transportation

Vienna has perfected the art of public transportation. The system in the city is efficient, easy to use, and reliable. Plus it runs for 24 hours on the weekend so you never have to worry about catching a cab home.

8. Open Air Events

There is never a dull moment in Vienna with free outdoor events occuring each day such as concerts, festivals, parties, performances, and cinemas.

Events such as the Summer Night Concert at Schönbrunn Palace and the Danube Island Festival are high quality events that come at no cost at all.

9. Diverse Food Options

Vienna has plenty of food diversity. You can eat gourmet meals accompanied by locally produced wine, try typical Austrian dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel, or get quick yet filling street food such as döner kebabs.

Oh and who can forget to include käsekrainer and it's cheese-filled sausage deliciousness?

10. Legendary Coffee Houses

Vienna is completely filled with coffee houses and cafés that can be found around every corner. Cake and pastries are serious business in Vienna and you can have one at any time of the day.

11. Multiculturalism

People from a wide range of cultures flock to Vienna and are able to immerse themselves and thrive in daily life. Worldwide organizations located in Vienna such as the United Nations and past events like the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest only further strengthen the city's position as an international hub in Europe.

13. English Availability

English speakers rejoice! Although German is the official language in Austria, English is very well-known in Vienna due to the high level of education. Many public attractions and facilities are equipped with translations for visitors.

Side note: Learning the German language is definitely recommended and will only enhance your study abroad in Vienna.

14. Central Location in Europe

Feeling like a weekend getaway? Vienna is located right in the middle of Europe. Thus it is easy to get around to pretty much anywhere you want to visit in Europe. Yay for budget travel!

15. Market Variety

Vienna has some of best markets in Europe. You can easily find hidden treasures at the Flohmarkt or indulge in culinary delights at Naschmarkt. Visit the Brunnenmarkt for a multicultural experience. Additionally, the city has fantastic Christmas and Easter holiday markets that are worth checking out as well.

16. Relaxation Nation

Relaxing out in the sun is a common activity in Vienna. It is completely acceptable to lay around all day so feel free to grab a spot in any of Vienna's beautiful parks. Sitting in a café or on a patio is also a preferred way to spend free time.

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