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Murdock Gets Beer

Awesome labrador dog fetches a beer from fridge for owner! HOW cool!?

zeekalbe123 6 years ago

2 Year Old Josh Turnbull!!!! Great Goal

Josh Turnbull making a brilliant run and slotting away a beautiful goal in front of Matthew Harding. After Chelsea's last match of the 12/13 season.

zeekalbe123 6 years ago

Cat Scared By Lizard

Little kitten gets freaked out at a lizard.... Tags (cat and lizard, cat lizard, cat scared by lizard, cat gets scared by lizard, kitten scared of lizard)

zeekalbe123 6 years ago

I Am Bad Kitty! Meow!

If any of the materials used in this video belongs to you, just before taking action

zeekalbe123 6 years ago