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Prince Sang A Touching Song About Death And Angels On The Muppets

Back on Muppets Tonight in 1997, Prince performed a a tender song about a woman passing on her angels to a dying man she loves. (RE: BuzzFeed Application)

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Back in 1997, Prince guest starred on Muppets Tonight on Disney/ABC. A collaboration of epic proportions is an understatement. Prince radiated off the screen and showed his comedic side with impeccable timing and delivery.

The episode aired when Prince formally changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol during a dispute with his record label, Warner Bros. Not only does he make continual references to his newly given name, the "Artist Formerly Known as Prince," but he even makes a jab at the people he was in conflict with at the time.

Zee Chang / Via
Zee Chang / Via
Zee Chang / Via

Prince also graces the audience with an epic song about the breakfast menu called "Starfish and Coffee." Aside from the fact that Prince somehow made starfish, coffee, maple syrup, jam, butterscotch clouds, a tangerine, and a side order of ham sound appealing, he also created an unbelievably catchy tune that will forever live in our hearts.

Steven Jackson / Via Facebook: steven.jackson.792740

But perhaps the most unexpected musical number came at the end of the episode, when Prince sang "She Gave Her Angels." In contrast to his upbeat tone throughout the whole episode, Prince gracefully slowed down the pace and sang a touching song about fear, death, love, and sacrifice.

He sings about a woman and how the man she loves is dying.

Zee Chang / Via
Zee Chang / Via

The woman gives her angels over to the one she loves, because he has no angels of his own.

Zee Chang / Via
Zee Chang / Via

However, Prince made it pretty clear that he may have a few angels on his side.

But if you're ever short on a few angels, Prince, I'm sure the many people you've touched with your artistry and music would be willing to give you a few of their own. Thank you for gracing the world with your shining presence.

Zee Chang / Via

Watch Prince's Touching Performance of "She Gave Her Angels"

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