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13 Guilty Pleasures Everyone Has

Dim your monitor and try to tilt your screen away from your co-worker. Don't be ashamed of the TV shows you love; celebrate your guilty pleasure on zeebox.

1. That one snack you won't order if your friends are around.

2. That book on your shelf you swear you got as a joke.

3. That show you have to delete off your DVR before anyone comes over.

4. That one super secret grooming technique you'd rather die before revealing.

5. That bookmark you hope no one borrowing your computer notices.

6. That fictional character you crushed on as a kid but would still totally jump.

7. That smell that you secretly think is amazing.

8. That collection that isn't stashed under your bed please don't open that box.

9. That playlist that forced you to discover private mode.

10. The magazine that was definitely from a former tenant and that you definitely don't pay actual money for.

11. The board you regretted almost instantly (but still pin to constantly).

12. That gift from your ex that you should have thrown out minutes after the relationship ended but still have.

13. The browser window you have hidden under a super intellectual and influential web blog.

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