12 Couples That Need To Get A Room

Everyone knows that couple that shares very private things very publicly. Make public private and chat about your favorite TV show with zeebox.

1. The couple that has no concept of time

Trish Flores / Via instagram.com

To be fair, she nailed those hashtags.

2. The couple that thinks face licking is a fun thing to do in public

3. The couple where one half doesn’t even know they’re in a relationship

You can share your TV shame crushes in secret on zeebox.

4. Those couples that are still in your face, even after they break up

Emily Steele

5. The couple that’s a little too close for comfort

jessanselmini / Via instagram.com


6. The couple that has no where else to swap spit

7. That matchy-matchy couple

moflemm / Via instagram.com

8. These people who are in a public park what is wrong with you?!

zoetnet / Via Flickr: zoetnet

9. That couple that mistakes “psychotic” with “cute”

Quinn Lemmers

10. Couples that “hack” each others’ accounts

maczream / Via Twitter: @maczream

11. This couple taking up so much bench

yourdon / Via Flickr: yourdon

12. Any couple that poses their hands like this

bubblefishh / Via Flickr: bubblefishh

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