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45 Amazing Pictures Of Celebrities And Cats

The interwebs are super obsessed with celebs and kitties. Here's a mix of both.

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1. Blake Anderson from Workaholics and Cats

2. The Franco Family Cats

ellen show / Via tumblr

3. David Tennant doctors a kitten with some loves.

Dr. Who BBC

4. Marilyn Monroe and Kitty in white

5. Ian Somerhalder and his kitty, Moke

Ian Somerhalder / Via Instagram: @iansomerhalder

6. Brittany S. Pierce & Lord Tubbington


(played by Heather Morris & Aragon)

7. Christopher Walken and a badass kitten.

8. Katy Perry & Kitty Purry

9. Clint Eastwood and a Kitten

on the set of 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly'

10. Davy Jones - the Monkee who loved kitties.

11. Pauley Perrette & some Abby Cats

12. The story of Norman Reedus & Eye In The Dark:

13. Madonna & a Happy Cat

14. Christina Ricci & That Darn Cat

That Darn Cat

15. Bob Dylan and a cool cat.

16. Taylor & Fred Swift

Taylor Swift / Via Instagram: @taylorswift

17. Morgan Freeman with a kitten on his head. Because this.

18. Freddie Mercury and his fat cats.

19. Bettie Page posing

20. Kurt Cobain playing with a kitten.

21. Don Drapurrr (Jon Hamm & a Snow Leopard)

Jimmy Kimmel Live / Via

22. JGL loves the kitten.

Joseph Gordon Levitt and an adorable kitten.

Joseph Gordon Levitt and an adorable kitten.

23. Jenna Fischer has 2 cats: Dunder & Mifflin

24. Nathan Fillion covered in kittens.

Nathan Fillion

25. Angelina Jolie & a cat puppet.

Girl, Interrupted

26. Maisie Williams and the Cat of House Stark

Wyatt Blue Grassi-Hoying / Via Instagram: @wyatt_blue

27. Ryan Kwanten and a cat. That just happened.

28. Anthony Stewart Head with a kitty.

29. Adrianne Curry & Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Adrianne Curry / Via Instagram: @adriannecurry

30. Joey Ramone didn't know how to hold a cat.

31. Gerard Butler and a fluffy cat.

32. Emilia Clarke & Vito Vincent

33. Kat and a Cat

Kat Dennings & Millie
Kat Dennings / Via Instagram: @katdenningsss

Kat Dennings & Millie

34. Kellie & Pickles Pickler

35. Vivien Leigh & a kitty.

36. The Beatles at their cutest.

37. Audrey Hepburn just walking her cat past some sailors...

38. Shirtless Channing Tatum with pizza and a cat. You're welcome.

39. Shakira Cub!

40. Penelope Cruz impersonating Kristen Stewart. And a cat.

41. Zooey Deschanel & kitties on a car.

42. Perrie Edwards & fluffy Prada

43. Patrick Stewart: Captain's Log: Cat Nap

44. Ed Sheeran & kitten Boris

Ed Sheeran / Via Instagram: @teddysphotos

45. Elvis Presley hanging out with a cat.

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