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    20 Reactions To How Society Says We Should Look

    Love yourself. Love others. Be body positive about all sizes. Be a good role model. 20 reactions to how Hollywood, the fashion industry, and society in general says we should look.

    1. #BeautyAtEverySize

    2. Fat is just a word.

    3. Life is short.

    4. Ice cream is delicious.

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    5. JLaw knows.

    6. Don't wanna hear it.

    7. All the sizes!


    Be Body Positive

    8. Men experience pressure about their looks, too.

    9. Bacon is delicious.


    Be Bacon Positive

    10. Don't judge me.

    11. Yup.

    12. I already have a bikini body, because I have a body.

    13. I'll do me. You do you. We're perfect already.

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    14. I'm good.

    15. Unless I get cloned.

    16. Be Body Positive

    17. I don't need your permission.

    18. Skinny, fat, whatevs. It's mine.

    19. Every Size means EVERY Size (even the small ones).

    Stop weight bigotry (that includes no fat shaming & no skinny shaming).

    20. This.

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