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17 Things Only People Without Kids Will Relate To

Whether it's by choice or by chance, being childless does not make us less than.

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1. No pants = Win.

2. If I'm going to be fat & cranky, it should be because I ate too much delicious food.

The Mindy Project / Via
The Mindy Project / Via

3. I seriously don't want to know about potty training, thanks.

4. When people try to make me feel bad about not having children...

5. I start planning vacations!

6. *sigh* No math, please.


7. STFU.

Why we'd rather hang out with our cats.

Why we'd rather hang out with our cats.

8. Your baby looks like... you don't wanna know.


9. Spoiled, entitled brats are the worst.

10. Yay, Freedom!

11. Condoms are cheaper than minivans, just sayin'.

12. And Christmas is SO much cheaper without kids!

13. Some of us are just better with other adults.

The Mindy Project

14. Does your fb even have any pictures of you?!

15. Sometimes I do want one. Really, really bad.

Friends - NBC

16. And then I remember... sweet, sweet silence.

17. At least there's that.

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