12 Things that happen when you fall in love with a colombian

“Entre gustos, no hay disgustos.”

1. You will never, EVER have to pay for dance lessons in your life.

And you will feel bad for those in need…

2. You WILL make sure there is always coffee in your house.

Because you know exactly what happens when they don’t get their morning/afternoon dose. UNPRETTY THINGS.

3. You have memorized the lyrics of “La Camisa Negra” by Juanes.

Making your karaoke experience exponentially more awesome. And if you haven’t yet, “cama cama come on baby.”

4. You try not to laugh when someone makes a joke about cocaine or imply that your significant other is a drug dealer.

However, you’ve come up with a clever comeback to put them in their place.

5. You will crave ‘arepas’ once in a while…

And if your Colombian boyfriend/girlfriend hasn’t introduced you to this delicacy, you should break-up with them - or make them cook it for you immediately. Either way, you’re missing out!

6. You will become fluent in Colombian terms of endearment.

If you speak Spanish, people will tell you that you have a Colombian accent now. It’s inevitable. “Did you study in Colombia?”


That’s all you need to know about that.

8. You might have worn yellow underwear or eaten 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve.

And you still don’t understand why. Just go with the flow…

9. You have come to accept his/her family.

And they love you equally despite your own craziness.

10. Shakira

Yes, please.

11. You have googled Colombia and have realized that it’s not as scary as they make it seem.

So chances are, you’re already planning your next trip!

12. You will thank ‘little baby cheeses’ every night for putting him/her in your path.

Cheeses gives you free will and you chose wisely.

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