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10 VISIONS OF LOVE That Could Be Mariah Carey's Next DREAMLOVER

It's not easy pleasing this diva, but ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS 2017 is for her to be happy and in love. Here are 10 HEROs that may be worthy of those whistle tones.

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I DON'T WANNA CRY but when I heard the news that these two lovebirds called it quits I was full of EMOTIONS. Is love even real?? Look at these non-staged photos and tell me you didn't think she found her ONE SWEET DAY. But sadly in the end he was just a HEARTBREAKER. Well SHAKE IT OFF Mariah, I am here to help.

10. Stella B...lots of other letters (Her Manager)

Maybe her next fling has been right under her nose this whole time. They do look an awful lot alike. I can already hear Stella screaming "WE BELONG TOGETHER!"

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