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    9 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Fairy Tail Right Now

    BuzzFeed doesn't have many Fairy Tail articles, so here I am...trying to get people to watch FT so that I would have some online people to talk to...

    Let's start with a general description to give you some idea of what the heck Fairy Tail is.

    So basically, Fairy Tail is the name of the magic guild consisting of various wizards who use their powers to earn money by completing "job requests".

    Who are the main characters?

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    Depends on who you call the "main character", but there are definitely a few who appear the most. I will give myself 2 sentences to describe each character.

    Natsu Dragneel

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    Natsu is a reckless, carefree, but at the same time fiercely loyal and protective of his friends. He is a Fire Dragon Slayer, which basically means that his powers include wielding and eating fire, oh and he constantly tries to fight everyone to prove his strength.

    Lucy Heartfilia

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    Lucy is clever, confident in her appearance (maybe too much), sometimes annoying, caring and likes to write novels that she never gives to anyone. She possesses Celestial Spirit keys (also Zodiac signs) who she summons from Celestial world and they help her defeat the enemy.


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    Happy is a talking and flying cat. He has been Natsu's best friend from the moment he was born and copies the fire dragon slayer in many ways, but also has a witty dark humor.

    Erza Scarlett

    Love this woman with all my heart
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    Erza is powerful, quirky, strict, impatient, but also very compassionate and deeply cares about her friends. Her magic is basically swapping different types of swords, armors and clothes in an instant and she also has complete mastery of all of her equipment and is great at combat.

    Last, but not least, Gray Fullbuster

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    Gray is a cold, laidback and sometimes serious guy who can be great at acting as the bad guy when he is actually not. He can create anything from ice and is quite skillful at walking around in his underwear.

    So wasn't this post about reasons to watch the show? Yes, it was. Unless you are already hooked on the main characters, keep reading.

    These are not listed in any particular order.

    1. Friendships

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    Friendship is an on-going topic on this show and is one of the most important things that FT has taught me. The way these people care about each other makes me think about my friendships and how important they are to every single person.

    2. Story Arcs

    Fairy Tail has soo many arcs I completely lost count. I would say that these guys are freaking invinvcible since most of the time their enemies seemed to be much stronger than them. Plus, it seems that they have about 3-4 huge things coming up a year, so that's a lot. And they are still teenagers!

    3. Flashbacks

    The dragon is Happy lol

    Many of the prominent FT members have been with the guild since they were children, but why, you ask? Well, go and find out! Most of the stories are explained and very tear-jerking.

    3. The S-Class Wizards

    I mean sure, every FT member is unique in their own way, but those S-Class Wizards? Something Else. Each year wizards compete for the right to become the elite of elites and prove their power. And it's kinda impressive that some of them achieved it at a pretty young age (Erza, I am looking at you!)

    4. Character Development

    What GOT writers didn't realize is that anime writers develop their character in a way that does make sense. Many of the current FT allies were once their worst enemies, but thanks to the power of feelings, most of them got their arcs of redemption. Some took the "I am going to redeem myself" way too far where they don't allow themselves to be happy.

    5. Jerza

    They are meant to be and you can't convince me otherwise

    Okay, there are many couples who also deserve to be here, but Jerza is the primary reason I am still in love with the show and constantly waiting for them to be together. Jerza is the ship of Jellal and Erza, childhood friends and former enemies. Let's just say they have a lot of history between them and you have to see it to understand why I love them so much.

    6. Feminism

    Yes, this one is up-to-debate. FT tends to sexualize women every time they get, but I do enjoy the way they portray some of the female characters. Erza once took 100 monsters upon herself and only said "Sorry, it took longer than I expected" after she did it. I also want to mention Ultear, Irene, Mira, Cana, Mavis and every single woman on this show.

    7. The humor


    Although our main characters are always saving the world, there is a lot of room for making jokes. Despite having tough upbringing, we always see Natsu's carefree personality or Erza's quirky habit of taking things too personal or anything that Happy says.

    8. The fights


    Every time we think there is a cool fight going to happen, the protagonist throws the a few encouraging words, two punches, and the enemy is out. Although it does happen in FT from time to time, most of the fights are suuper stressful and you actually get to see the action.

    9. Self-healing


    Let me explain. FT has fights, great characters, some amazing story arcs and more. But what combines all of them is the emotions it allows you to feel. You could be crying happy tears when they talk about the value of friendships, sad tears when somebody sacrifices their entire future for the guild, feel happy for them, feel stressed with them and hopeful. It allowed you to feel and let all your emotions out.

    That is all for today!

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