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    20 Best "Fairy Tail" Characters

    Fairy Tail ended a year ago and we are still not over some of the things that hapenned and some of the things that didn't happen. I decided to compile my list of 20 best Fairy Tail characters. Obviously, SPOILERS AHEAD.

    20. Rogue Cheney

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    The only reason why Rogue is here is because of his relationship with Frosch. Rogue shows himself to be a cold and mysterious guy around people, but with Frosch, he becomes this extremely supportive and caring friend who would do anything for Frosch. Every time he cries when searching for Frosch to make sure he's okay is one of the best things about this guy.

    19. Sting Eucliffe

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    Sting has shown himself to be a great leader of Sabertooth who cares deeply about his friends. His funny moments are the best.

    18. Freed Justine

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    Freed is the strongest member of the Thunder Legion and is very dedicated to Laxus. His enchantments are very innovative and interesting, and that one time he helped Wendy to complete her job was cute. Honestly, the only reason he is here is because of how long he managed to keep the barrier during Alvarez Empire's attack on Fairy Tail. His "knight form" is so hot, I can't.

    17. Precht (before he went crazy)

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    Don't get me wrong here, he was terrible and almost killed Makarov, exposed Tenrou island to Grimoire heart, left a newborn child alone on a mountain, and more. However, the Precht I saw during Fairy Tail Zero arc was very entertaining. He was awkward and weird around people which made him very likeable. Quite and reserved, he still cared about his teammates which led him to trying to revive Mavis.

    16. Lucy Heartfilia

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    The bond she shares with her spirits is truly beautiful and her smarts have proven to be very useful. However, I don't see anything special about her besides her relationship with her spirits. Sure, she cares about her friends, but in Fairy Tail, everybody does.

    15. Zeref / Via

    This guy was the rootcause of almost every problem that Fairy Tail members had to solve. However, as we learn later, the only reason for all of the demons he created and for all the destruction he caused was because he wanted to die. This guy's story is one of the saddest and the most twisted. Without him, there would be no Fairy Tail!

    14. Jellal Fernandez


    Jellal is the character that went from the most hated to the most loved. The connection that he shares with Erza is so magnetic, I still cannot believe that they didn't end up together. I can rant for hours about how Jerza is the best ship of all times, but I won't. Let's just say that I wish they showed all of his power because after he went all good, he became boring.

    13. Gray Fullbuster


    Gray's story is probably one of the most memorable ones. His magic, his habit of taking off his clothes and his sharp mind have proven to be very valuable during battles. Gray reminds me a little of Saske from Naruto: similar looking, cold, and sometimes even dark.

    12. Ultear Milkovich

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    Ultear was one of the strongest female characters on the show. She literally had the ability to alter the time of any object!!! Starting from her childhood, she possessed so much power and strength, but thanks to some wrong guidance, she went nuts and controlled Jellal to distract Magic Council from Grimoire Heart. I still don't understand how a 10-year-old could do that, but hey, she is Ur's daughter. Plus, she saved so many people when the dragons came, so let's give her credit for that.

    11. Juvia Lockser

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    Besides her obsessiveness over Gray, Juvia is actually pretty awesome. She is very smart, very strong if she needs to be and very caring! Her battle with Meredy is so intense and so beautiful! Why haven't we ever talked about how beautiful Juvia is??? And the fact that she learned to transfuse her own blood to be useful to Gray is insane!

    10. Happy / Via

    Happy is just the cutest, most caring and the funniest character on the show. Altough he is just a flying cat, he has proven himself to be invaluable to Natsu. I mean, he was his partner on the S-class Mage Trial! Plus that moment in Tataros arc when he flew away with Jackal to save the city from blowing up was JAWDROPPING. I still can't believe that he doesn't know about his parents!

    9. Kemokemo

    Fairy tail fandom / Via

    I mean, come on! We have seen Kemokemo for 2 episodes and cried for 2 episoes straight! He was THE most adorable character. The fact that he saved everybody by sacrificing himself, but also does it every 100 years is so unfair. This guy deserves to be more than an antidote to a toxic island. He deserves the world.

    8. Lily

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    Lily is the most useful exceed. He saved Mystogan when he was child, fought almost at the same level as Gajeel and proven himself to be a strong Fairy Tail member on a number of occasions. The way he protects his friends and holds Levy from saving Gajeel was so heartbreaking, I am still not over that.

    7. Makarov Dreyar

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    Let's forget the fact that his first name is technically a last name and that his family is Russian. Makarov has made Fairy Tail the place we all love and adore. Sure, he's got some issues, but this man has been a father to every character we love. He has raised a generation of the people who love, respect and trust each other. When he sacrificed himself to save everyone from Alvarez Army, I cried even though I wasn't paying attention to the episode. He has been father to Laxus even more than his actual father. Plus let's not forget that his parents also died when he was a child.

    6. Gajeel Redfox

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    He was terrible in the beginning. However, as we learn later, Gajeel has many quirks that make him very likeable. Let's not pretend that we didn't root for him when he was searching for his cat. His "death" was probably the most saddest, especially when he talks to Levy about how he wanted them to be together forever. And personally, I like his songs.

    5. Mystogan

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    Yes, I am very biased here. Mystogan is one of the strongest Fairy Tail members (although we never actually see how strong he is). He has been very mysterious, but the fact that he was protecting Fairy Tail behind the scenes was amazing. He came to fight Laxus (!!!), destroyed all the Phantom Lord subsidies, helped Wendy find a home and was saving the world from disappearing since he was 10! I really wish we would get to see what is hapenning in Edolas wit Mystogan being the king, but sadly, it's probably not gonna happen. I just really miss him.

    4. Mavis Vermillion

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    This poor girl has gone through so many terrible things in her life starting with being a slave for a guild since she was a child, being alone on island for 7 years, losing her best friend, realizing her magic is killing everything, dying, giving birth, and so much more. Her spirit is Fairy Tail's spirit and the reason why we see so many characters with the past like hers become the strongest members of the guild. Mavis has been the light of all, the "fairy tail tacitician", and the end of Zeref. Her arc was one of the best arcs and her light is still here with us.

    3. Laxus Dreyar

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    Let's not pretend that we didn't cry when he was leaving Fairy Tail in season 1. Laxus invented the hand gesture which makes us cry every time we see it.

    2. Natsu Dragneel

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    I mean, obviously.

    1. Erza Scarlet

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    Erza Scarlet is the powerhouse of Fairy Tail. The most compassionate, loving, protective, quirkiest, strongest person in this entire universe.

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