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11 Things You Can Do While Shopping Online That You Can't Do In Stores

The struggle of shopping IRL is real and you just can’t even. Zappos takes away the pain for a pants-free shopping experience.

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1. Go pants free.



2. Snack without judgment. / Via

If a place is too good for your snacks, you're too good for that place.

3. Drink without judgment.

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You love shoe shopping. You love wine. If you haven't combined the two, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED.

4. Binge-watch ALL THE SHOWS! / Via

You finished an entire season of OITNB and all of your Christmas shopping? #highachiever

5. Shop on the toilet like you just don't care. / Via

It feels so wrong... and yet so right.

6. Have a full-on dance party. / Via

Because you can't bust out moves this sweet to any old mall soundtrack.

7. Get caught up on your beauty routine.

8. Order more pillows for your pillow fort... WHILE YOU'RE IN YOUR PILLOW FORT. MIND. BLOWN.

You are winning at life so hard right now.

9. Treat yourself and get that beauty game #onfleek.

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Drying nails, doing a face mask, curling your hair, and shopping simultaneously: superhuman multitasking.

10. Look like a model child by listening to your dad talk about the new roof being installed.

MGM / Via

You bought your entire spring wardrobe before the story was over. Multitasking FTW.

11. Spend the day in bed. / Via


Say no to shopping without snacks and slippers by saying yes to shopping with Zappos.