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    It's Harry Styles' Birthday! So Here Are 21 Reasons Why We're Glad He Was The Sperm Who Won

    Happy 21st Birthday to Harry Edward Styles of One Direction. Let's get down to it.

    1. His Blue Steel look could melt anyone's heart

    2. He's got a jawline that could cut glass

    3. He can juggle

    4. He helps different charities

    5. He's a great dresser

    6. He's a great undresser

    7. He can make rose petals fall out of the sky at will

    8. He can pull off the man bun

    9. He's got cute man buns

    10. His #1 bromance is with Ed Sheeran

    11. He doesn't get embarrassed easily

    12. He would make a great whale

    13. He's a huge dork

    14. He wins almost every fight with the air

    15. He can become a Vogue model on command

    16. He supports the #HeForShe feminism movement

    17. He has beautifully badass tattoos

    18. His jokes are awful

    19. His dimples defy physics

    20. This GIF just about sums him up

    21. It's been proved by science that he's the cutest person on the planet