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Carpet Cleaning: A Necessary Maintenance Activity

Home decoration is never complete without carpets and rugs. Trying to live without a carpet at home is like trying to live with no furniture. It is a necessary part of a good looking home. Carpets also provide many practical qualities. Yet, a lot of people choose not to adopt carpets as part of their floor designs. Being simple pieces of decorated material, a lot of people see them as high maintenance. We’re not going to disagree with the previous statement. Carpets can sometimes be a pain to maintain, especially due to the nature of their function.

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Carpets: The Most Readily Ruined Décor.
Carpets go on the floor, being the main “catch glove” for anything that is affected by gravity. In other words, whatever mess occurs around your carpets will affect them.

For example, carpets collect dust more than any other piece of decoration. Being on the floor, the dust could come from anywhere. It could be from the ceiling fan you installed. It could also be from the shoes you’ve been walking in all day.

Not only do carpets collect dust fast, but they also keep them strongly. The fabrics used to make carpets lose their softness overtime as they’re washed often. They also lose their softness fast when dried in high heat environments.

This applies especially to (Phoenix – Arizona), one of the hottest places on our planet.

We then have the problems of food crumbs. If you’re used to eating close to a carpet, it’ll collect leftovers and food fast. This applies especially to carpets that are sitting under food tables or in living rooms.

Speaking of food, your carpets could also suffer from accidental spillage. Sticky and juicy drinks are common destroyers of carpet looks and health.

It’s Not Just Dust and Crumbs. It’s the Hair Too…
Due to their natures, carpets hold onto body hair with ease. It is not uncommon to see a few thick hair strands on a carpet when looking closely.

The hair issue intensifies if you happen to own a pet. Cats and dogs with hair fall lead a highly messy carpet. It is also common for pets to enjoy resting and playing at spots with rugs and carpets.

Practicality or a Maintenance Pain?
You can look at the previous information as an advantage or disadvantage. Either way, the hair, dust, crumbs or dead skin would end up somewhere on the floor. With a carpet, you’ve got all that gunk collected at a spot that you can clean out fast and efficiently.

Thus, carpets are a like a sandbox of horrible leftovers. Except that you can’t keep around a carpet like that for a long-time…

Owning Carpets is Awesome, But Keeping a Dirty Carpet is Unhygienic.
Let’s say you’ve got kids playing around in the living room. Would you want them to be exposed to the dirt and gunk stuck in your carpet? You sure do not.

All the bacteria is dangerous for your kids’ health. It’s dangerous for anyone who decides to stick around a dirty carpet for a long-time.

In that situation, if you own a carpet, you’re going to have to clean it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, cleaning carpets is not easy for the average home owner. We’ll explain why below…

You Can’t Just Stick Carpets into a Washing Machine.
Carpets hold leftover gunk strongly. You’ll have to clean out hair, crumbs, and bacteria.

Thus, carpets need a lot of force when cleaning. There’s going to be a lot of scrub action involved, besides the use of strong vacuuming devices. When cleaning a carpet, using simple home cleaning utensils is not going to suffice.

You also can’t just spill bleach on the carpet and hope things will work out. You can’t use strong chemicals while cleaning. After all, those carpets are going back into your house!

You also have to clean to ensure that bad odor is removed. Besides dirt collection, carpets harbor bad odor from sweat and feet. Again, those problems intensify if you live in a hot area that stimulates body odor release.

Of course, you then must consider the cleaning space. Finding a viable place to clean your carpet is going to be difficult if you live in a tight area. Often, the only locations you’ll have for cleaning is the bathroom (if you live in an apartment). The other would be your garage as a house owner, but those tend to be dusty environments.

Thus, it is best to find a service that specializes in cleaning your carpets to perfection.

Why Not Let Carpet Cleaning Pros Help You Out?
Carpet Cleaning Pros is one of the top carpet cleaning services available in the state of Arizona. With a naturally hot and dusty environment, carpet cleaning is almost a necessity there!

Carpet Cleaning Pros use environmentally safe chemicals to thoroughly clean your carpet. Besides cleaning, the focus is also on eliminating odor. Trying their service gets you a perfect carpet that is almost as good as new!

The service also offers services for cleaning furniture and grout. If you’re look for a full décor swoop, Carpet Cleaning Pros are who you’ll want to call!

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