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    • zakky

      Whoever wrote this article seems to have little knowledge of the drug and just google searched and posted the first things they found. Also the word “psychogenic” is an incorrect use of that word. The word you were looking for was “psychotropic” or “psychoactive”. Also MDMA=XTC Molly=MDMA (most of the time) XTC=pressed pill containing MDMA, but can contain other substances. When first introduced people refereed to any form of MDMA as XTC. The term molly is relatively new and has caused quite a lot of confusion. In short MDMA is XTC and Molly, but Molly and XTC tablets might not be MDMA.

    • zakky

      Being a Wal-Mart cashier. Completely destroyed my faith in humanity and made me lose my appetite permanently. I always like to tell people that my stint at Wally world destroyed my life in the short-term, but will probably make me a better person in the long run because I will do anything in my power not to become the mindless, fat, stupid, and rude customers I had to deal with. My life goal now is to destroy the wal-mart…before it destroys us all.

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