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Thug Notes May Be The New SparkNotes

The only way to truly understand classical literature is from a thug.

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Crime and Punishment

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Referring to characters as a "main boy" or "gangsta" and changed killed to the word "gloaked" Sweets gives an interesting twist on this classic novel while actually providing a good summary and analysis.

The Great Gatsby

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This one makes me wish Sweets had a part in writing the script for the movie. Referring to Gatsby's money as "mad Mitt Romney money" and Daisy as "Gatsby's main b*tch" Sweets turns this story into a gangster love story gone very wrong.

To Kill a Mockingbird

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This one is my favorite. I loved this book before but Sweets retelling makes it even better. Scout's "crew" tries to see if Boo wants to "chill" and well you can watch the rest to see how it goes.

So far Sweets only has these three episodes and doesn't seem to post every week but I can't wait until the next episode.

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