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25 Tweets That Will Make Every Writer Laugh Then Cry

"So what you're saying is tweets don't count towards my book?"

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1. The silly things we tell ourselves while writing.

2. When your research takes a turn.

What it's like doing research for a novel... #writerslife #amwriting

3. When you learn tweets don't add to your word count.

4. When your book refuses to write itself.

5. The start of every book.

6. This steady deterioration.

7. When you're trying to write a series.

8. When what you write doesn't match up with what's in your head.

9. These six signs you're a writer.

10. When you read your own draft.

Reading my own work tonight like... #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

11. When someone asks how the writing is going.

12. These emoji translations.

13. This ugly cycle.

Me: I should #write a book. I can't imagine one single reason why this would cause me endless frustration and cripp…

14. The whole creative process.

15. Whenever you try to take a break from writing.

16. When you sometimes need this little reminder.

Alarm for tomorrow 💪🏼 #writerproblems

17. This conundrum.

18. The struggle of trying to catch all your good ideas.

19. Especially if they come to you in a dream.

20. When your editing process takes over your whole house.

When your dining room becomes your editing room: #amwriting #amrevising #writerproblems

21. When figuring out the details takes longer than expected.

22. The hard part.

23. This raw footage of revising.

An actual image of me walking into revisions. #writerslife #amrevising

24. When your characters have a mind of their own.

25. And when you celebrate finishing a draft by throwing the whole thing away.

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