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25 Tweets That Will Make Every Writer Laugh Then Cry

"So what you're saying is tweets don't count towards my book?"

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2. When your research takes a turn.

What it's like doing research for a novel... #writerslife #amwriting

7. When you're trying to write a series.

10. When you read your own draft.

Reading my own work tonight like... #amwriting #writerslife #writerproblems

13. This ugly cycle.

Me: I should #write a book. I can't imagine one single reason why this would cause me endless frustration and cripp…

14. The whole creative process.

16. When you sometimes need this little reminder.

Alarm for tomorrow 💪🏼 #writerproblems

20. When your editing process takes over your whole house.

When your dining room becomes your editing room: #amwriting #amrevising #writerproblems

23. This raw footage of revising.

An actual image of me walking into revisions. #writerslife #amrevising

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