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19 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Relationship With Your OTP

You knew they were meant to be the moment they locked eyes. #endgame

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1. When you see your ship forming:

Marvel Studios / Paramount Pictures / Via

2. When no one else sees it:


"Just look at how he looks at her!!!"

3. But it's so clear to you and you love it.



4. When you find someone who also ships your OTP.

5. When your ship (finally) sets sail:

6. When it's so obvious how perfect your OTP is:

Disney / Via

"They're so perfect together."

7. When they're going to kiss for the first time:

Warner Brothers / Via

8. When they start acting all cute as a couple:

9. When they do something so perfect you cry at their perfection:

10. When you're so in love with your OTP you can't think straight:


Everything is your OTP and nothing else matters.

11. When some other character tries to get in the way of your OTP:

CW / Via

Girl, bye.

12. When it looks like your ship might be going down:

Paramount Pictures / Via

"No! It's not possible!"

13. When the writers keep putting your OTP through the ringer:

Disney / Via

"Just let them be happy!"

14. When your OTP breaks up:

15. When your OTP isn't together but you don't lose faith:


"This is only a temporary situation guys. They're totally going to get back together. No worries." #tooblessedtobestressed

16. And then the ship rises again:



17. When your ship stays together against all the odds:

Fox / Via

18. When your ship becomes endgame


We're here 'til the end, haters!

19. Finally, when your OTP exceeds ship status and becomes an armada:


Don't mess with the armada!

Never stop shipping, y'all.

The CW / Via

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