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    16 Motivational GIFs To Get You Through Finals

    You can do it!

    1. So finals are starting.

    2. And now it's time to study.

    3. You're starting to wonder if you can do this...

    4. ...and you're questioning if you can make it through alive.

    5. You start to think it might be impossible...

    6. ...and that these finals will be the death of you.

    7. You may question your own intelligence...

    8. well as your intelligence.

    9. You think your professor might've been right when they said not to wait until the night before to start studying.

    10. Now you're wondering if you'll actually pass this class.

    11. You consider throwing in the towel...

    12. ...and start losing faith.

    13. But don't give up just yet!

    14. You'll be just fine, we promise!

    15. Stay strong!

    16. And knock 'em dead.