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15 Questions Single People Have For Couples

The Forever Alone folks would really like to know.

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1. Do you ever get sick of your partner?

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2. Is all that PDA really necessary?

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3. Do your hands get sweaty when you hold hands?

4. How does it feel to always have a date on hand?

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5. Is spooning really that great?

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6. Do you have to share food with them?

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7. Do you ever wish you were single again?


8. Do y'all ever get bored with each other?

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9. When you post "I love you" on Facebook is it really for your S.O. or is it to make us all jealous?

10. Speaking of Facebook, is becoming Facebook official really that big of a deal?

11. How do you keep the romance alive?

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12. Do you still flirt with each other?

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13. Is there still a need for foreplay at this point?


14. Don't you ever get sick of buying birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day, and holiday gifts for each other?

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15. Is being in a relationship as wonderful as it seems?

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