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13 Signs You Have No Self-Control

No one tells you no, not even yourself.

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1. You've started and ended diets within a 24 hour time span.

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2. Whenever your stomach tries to tell you you're full, you promptly ignore it.

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3. You'll go into a store to get one thing but leave with twelve.


4. When you say, "Just one more episode," you really mean, "Just one more season."

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5. And reading one chapter really means finishing the whole book.

6. Any bedtime you set for yourself always gets pushed back.

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7. You set a time for when you should get off the computer but if you're one minute late you allow yourself another hour.

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"Oh man now it's 1:01 AM ... I guess I'll just have to wait until 2." #LOGIC

8. When you go out you'll try to limit yourself to a few drinks but always let yourself go over.

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What's one more?

9. You promise yourself you'll save your next paycheck but inevitably find something you have to buy.

10. You try to quit your bad habits but eventually just accept that you're flawed.

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11. Even if you have to get up early the next day you'll still go out the night before if your friends ask you to.

12. You have to give someone your phone when you're trying not to text your crush because you can't resist on your own.

13. And you'll probably look at least five more BuzzFeed posts after this before you convince yourself to get offline.

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