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12 Kids Who Dance Better Than You

These kids have some serious dancing feet. #SLAY

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1. Asia Monet Ray

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You may know Asia from Dance Moms but now she has her own show on Lifetime called, Raising Asia. Some may call her a diva but girl can dance.

2. Taylor Hatala

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Everyone remembers when this video went viral and Taylor has since gone on to star in multiple viral dance videos for songs like "I Don't F*ck With You" and "Shake It Off". I'm sure we'll be seeing more of this super star and her little sister ...

3. Reese Hatala

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This young nine year old is already making a name for herself on the Internet. She's worked with various choreographers and other young dancers, many of whom are also on this list. #SLAY

4. Aidan Prince

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Most people know Aidan from his appearance on the Ellen show but if you've never seen this kid before please do yourself a favor and watch all his videos. From "Uptown Funk" to "Slow Motion" this kid hits his moves hard and has too much swag for one 8 year old.

5. Kaycee Rice

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Both Kaycee (on the left) and Bailey Sok (on the right) slay in this video but I have to talk about them individually because they're both fantastic. Kaycee's facials when she dances are everything. She has so much sass and swag that if I just had an ounce of that when I danced I think I'd do okay. Work it girl.

6. Bailey Sok

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Bailey always gives her all in every dance. I've never seen a video of her that left me disappointed. Beside her dancing being phenomenal her hair flips just add to her sass and you know she knows she's killing it. #FIERCE

7. Maddie Ziegler

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At this point almost everyone knows this Dance Moms star. Sia has brought Maddie to stardom and after now being in two of Sia's music videos, Maddie is popping up everywhere. Most recently she was terrifying fans on Pretty Little Liars. A lot of people don't understand the hype of Maddie but this girl has mad skills. Not only can she dance but she's also versatile in her dance styles making her a high commodity.

8. Charlize Glass

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Charlize, just like all of us, loves Beyonce. The difference is when she dances to Beyoncé she actually looks ***flawless. Charlize has done a bunch of videos that deserve way more recognition so if you haven't seen her dance yet now's a good time to watch her slay. #YoncéApproved

9. Heaven King

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Heaven, now 4, first popped on the scene when a video of her and her mom dancing to Beyoncé went viral. That was when Heaven was only 2. Now she's basically employed by Ellen and is making her way to stardom.

10. Lucky Aces

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Reyond Lucky Ancheta and Andree Camille “AC” Bonifacio make up the Lucky Aces duo and together they kill the stage. Ellen also brought them into the spotlight when she put them on her show and got them VIP passes to an Ariana Grande concert who then had them dance on stage during her concert. This team isn't just lucky, they're talented.

11. Kenneth San Jose

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This kid already has girls lining up at the door for him. Don't believe me? Check his Instagram and you'll see the thirst is real. Not that the love isn't warranted. Ken can really move and has been dancing for a while now. Besides that he also sings. *swoons*

Keep calm and dance on kids.

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