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11 Reasons "Legally Blonde" Is The Greatest Feminist Movie Of All Time


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1. When Elle told her guidance counselor she wanted to go to Harvard her counselor didn't question it.

2. Elle's love for fashion and hair care wasn't seen as a weakness but instead was a strength.

3. Elle's sorority wasn't depicted as just a bunch a party girls, but as supportive sisters who wanted Elle to achieve her dreams.

4. The female blonde wasn't typecast as dumb.

5. Elle refused to let a guy dictate what she was capable of.

6. Elle believed in Brooke Windham even when no one else would.

7. Elle respected her friend's wishes and supported her even though she didn't 100% agree with it.

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8. When Elle felt ready to give up on her dream Professor Stromwell didn't let her.

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9. After being sexually harassed by Professor Callahan, Elle proved she's more than just a pretty face by taking his job.

10. The love triangle didn't end with Elle beating Vivian. Instead, they both won.


11. Most importantly, Elle pushed herself to achieve her goals and did so with the help of many great women.

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And proves Warner wrong in the process.


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