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23 Times "Hunger Games" Fans Dominated Tumblr

Warning: Spoilers if you haven't read the books!

1. When they made President Snow seem relatable.

2. When someone came up with this winning strategy for the games.

3. When they turned Hunger Games into America's Next Top Model.

4. When even the fans had no interest in entering the arena.

5. When YOLO was reinvented.

6. When everyone knew Peeta and Katniss would be the Everdeens.

7. When they recognized the struggle of convincing someone else to read The Hunger Games.

8. When they had this real concern.

9. When fans knew the true meaning of fireworks.

10. When someone made this joke that was da bomb.

11. And when someone pointed out how useless the mockingjay pin really was.

12. When fans made this sad realization.

13. When someone made you wish this fantasy world was real.

14. When they discovered Finnick's favorite game.

15. What they made it clear what November is really about.

16. When someone made this excellent crossover post.

17. When someone realized McDonald's would make the best sponsor.

18. When someone obtained this photo of Buttercup.

19. When there was only one gender that really fit Peeta.

20. When they made this joke.

21. When someone came up with these perfect pickup lines.

22. When they recognized that "The Hanging Tree" is really catchy.

23. And when someone remembered what actually happens in Mockingjay.