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    19 Tweets That'll Make You Wonder If Anyone Actually Got Adele Tickets

    "Hello from the Ticketmaster line. I must've called a thousand times."

    1. You awoke this morning and found yourself in the Adele Games.

    2. You thought this would be simple, but, of course, nothing in life comes easy.

    3. You made it through the holy gates, but there were still so many obstacles in your way.

    4. Ticketmaster tried to cheer you up, but it only filled you with more fury.

    5. You sacrificed every inch of screen space to your quest.

    6. But Ticketmaster continued to betray your trust.

    7. You could finally taste victory, only to realize all had been lost.

    8. You'd come so far, only to be kept from the promised land.

    9. You couldn't remember why you thought this journey would be worth it.

    10. Despite your loss, you found solace with the other victims.

    11. You began to question if there was a higher power working against you.

    12. Trying to find joy in your loss, you made a joke...

    13. ...or two.

    14. You began to feel fury for those undeserving people who took what was yours.

    15. Seriously, they're the worst.

    16. You wished upon them the most excruciating pain.

    17. Because, honestly, what kind of person would do such a thing?

    18. You thought about how you could've gotten tickets, but at what cost?

    19. And finally you admitted defeat, knowing the battle was really lost.

    @Adele When you've finally decided to accept defeat. 😓 #adeletickets

    Maybe someday, Adele. Maybe someday.