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    21 Struggles All Afro-Latinos Know To Be True

    "Wait, so are you black or Latino?"

    1. People either think you're black or Latino; never both.

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    2. Then when you tell people you're Afro-Latino they think you made up a new race and you have to explain.

    3. Sometimes you even have to explain what being Latino in general means.

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    4. And you may be asked where exactly you, your parents, and/or your grandparents come from just to prove yourself.

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    5. If you tell people you're Latino, they'll automatically ask if you speak Spanish.

    6. And feel betrayed if you don’t.

    7. If you do speak Spanish, some will be shocked to discover you do.

    8. Filling out applications often leads to an identity crisis because of the "African-American (Not Hispanic or Latino)" option.

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    Why can't I be both?

    9. If you're of a lighter skin tone some people will ask if you're really black.

    10. Some will even dare say, "You don't look black."

    11. And then quiz you on all black culture to see if you're actually black.

    12. Someone has threatened to take away your "black card" at least once.

    13. And has checked to see if you're up to date on all black issues as if you're unaware of the struggles.

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    14. They may even ask you why you want to identify as black in the first place.

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    Maybe because it's a part of who I am???

    15. When you tell another Latino that you're also Latino, there's a chance they won't believe you.

    16. If you can’t recognize one Latin dish, people automatically assume it’s because you’re “not really” Latino.

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    17. And God forbid you’re not the best at bachata or salsa.

    18. Sometimes you'll find yourself questioning your own blackness.

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    19. Or wondering if you should try to embrace your Latin roots more.

    20. At times you may struggle to identify with both groups.

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    21. While still facing prejudices that come from being in two minority groups.

    But all the same, you wouldn't change who you are for anything because two cultures are always better than one.

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