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    Here's What "Harry Potter" Characters' Eyes Are Actually Supposed To Look Like

    Warning: Voldemort will terrify you.

    Tumblr user dehaanradcliffe, also known as Aina, changed the eye colors of Harry Potter characters in the movies to the correct color of the characters in the books.

    "I was just having fun with how I could edit eye colors," Aina told BuzzFeed. "I was actually really surprised at how much [the post] spread."

    For instance, in the books, Ginny's eyes are brown, but in the movies they're green.

    Similar to his sister, Ron has green eyes in the movies — but according to the books, they're supposed to be blue.

    Dumbledore is also described as blue-eyed in the novels, but in the films his eyes are brown.

    We should really be thankful for Voldemort's eye color change, though. In the books, his eyes are supposed to be a terrifying red, but the filmmakers spared us and made them white instead.

    Enjoy those nightmares. 😴😴😲😲

    The only eye color change Aina found really problematic was Lily's. In the novels, Lily and Harry are both supposed to have green eyes, but in the films Lily's eyes are brown and Harry's are blue.

    "I only really get [angry] about young Lily Potter not having the same eyes as Daniel Radcliffe," she said. "She appeared for a few minutes and it's disappointing that the filmmakers forgot about that very important detail."

    No matter what Harry's eye color is, this line will still get you EVERY TIME: