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    Posted on Sep 21, 2015

    23 Things Your RA Doesn't Want You To Know

    Yes, we know about all the parties.

    1. You don't actually care if your residents drink as long as they're doing so responsibly.

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    And not being so obvious about it.

    2. Because writing up residents is your least favorite thing to do.

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    That's just a lot of paperwork you don't want.

    3. Baking treats is more for your benefit than your residents.

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    Who doesn't love cookies??

    4. And your programs are based solely on what you want to do.


    A new theater production you want to see? Program! Mockingjay, Part 2 premiere? Program! Need a club soccer team? Program!

    5. Some RAs have definitely co-programmed together just to spend more time with each other.

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    "If we pretend our residents aren't there it's basically a date, right?"

    6. And you secretly love RA team meetings because it's another excuse to get together.

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    Plus it's always fun to complain about how long a meeting is with someone else.

    7. There's always the "hot RA" on staff and you secretly want to be that RA.

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    8. Or you want to hook up with them.

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    9. You've definitely tried to bribe residents with the ever popular pizza party to get better attendance.

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    Please come to my program!

    10. And then was left genuinely disappointed when no one showed up.

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    11. You're more annoyed by the resident who wakes you up because of noise than the resident who's actually making it.

    Sorry but it's true.

    12. Going into the year, you have no intention of becoming friends with your residents.

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    13. But there's always those cool, fun residents who you'd actually hang out with outside of the dorm.

    14. And the residents you've considered hooking up with at least once.

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    15. Then there are the ones who trash talk you if you write them up for breaking the rules.

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    You're just doing your job. Jeez!

    16. You know about all the parties your residents throw in their rooms.

    17. But sometimes you pretend you don't know about it because that's easier than trying to break it up.

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    Unless they're doing something really crazy, in which case, shut it down.

    18. You don't always do your rounds when you're on duty because if there was a problem someone would call, right?

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    19. The rare times you do it's because your boss is watching or you have to teach a newbie the ropes.

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    20. You and the other RAs definitely trade crazy stories and gossip about your residents.

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    "He was doing WHAT in the girls bathroom?"

    21. Though you may have taken the job for the free room and board...

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    22. stayed because you actually enjoy helping your fellow students.

    23. And because, honestly, your residents probably help you just as much as you help them.

    Thumbnail Credit: Flickr / CC / Katherine Hala

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