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    Ariana Grande Reunited With The "Victorious" Cast And It Was Perfect

    They made it shine in their PJs.

    Over the weekend, the Victorious cast reunited in the cutest way, giving their fans all the feels.

    Putting on their best onesies, the crew sipped wine and watched episodes of their popular Nickelodeon show.



    ICYMI: Beck (Avan Jogia) and Jade (Liz Gillies) are still happily together and Jade is expecting.

    Robbie (Matt Bennett) and Beck shared some hot cocoa.

    Andre (Leon Thomas) got comfy with the ladies.

    And Matt almost gave fans a heart attack with this Instagram caption.

    Unfortunately, it's not true. 😔

    The only person not in attendance was everyone's fave puppet, Rex.


    Here's to hoping there's actually a Victorious reunion special in the near future.


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