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    17 Gifts Every ShondaLand Fan Will Love

    Pick these gifts. Choose these gifts. Love these gifts.

    1. "You're my person" puzzle keychains, $18


    These cute key chains are perfect to split with a friend who loves Grey's. Get the set here.

    2. A Grey's Anatomy racerback top, $19.99


    Combine their love of Mean Girls and Grey's with this cute top. Get it here.

    3. A minimalist Christina Yang poster, $14


    Everyone needs a little more Cristina in their lives. Get it here.

    4. A Meredith/Cristina card, $4.50


    Telling someone they're the Meredith to your Cristina is the best way to say you love them. Get it here.

    5. "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me" wall art


    This infamous line from the queen herself, Meredith Grey, will look perfect on their wall. Get it here.

    6. A "Gladiator in a Suit" key chain, $14.75


    The fan in your life will proudly show off this key chain to prove they're a gladiator in a suit. Get it here.

    7. A Gladiator wine glass, $20


    The perfect wine glass for any Gladiator. Get it here.

    8. A "Gladiator in a Suit" pillow, $19.99


    One never stops being a gladiator, even in their sleep. Get it here.

    9. A "Mom's To Do" mug, $19.95


    If your mom loves Scandal, she'll love this mug even more. Get it here.

    10. A "Fitz phone" phone case, $12.50


    Who wouldn't want their own direct line to Fitz? Get it here.

    11. A "Popcorn, Wine, and Scandal" tee, $21


    The only three things a gladiator needs. Get it here.

    12. Scandal planner stickers, $3.50


    Help the Scandal fan in your life stay organized with these stickers for their planner. Get them here.

    13. A "What Would Olivia Pope Do?" mug, $13


    Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, "WWOPD?" Get it here.

    14. Annalise Keating's necklace, $35


    You may not be able to give them Annalise's whole closest but at least they can have this small piece. Get it here.

    15. A tee with all the HTGAWM characters, $12.50


    Annalise, her squad, and the Keating Five, all on one t-shirt. Get it here.

    16. A How to Get Away With Murder tote bag, $20


    The HTGAWM fan in your life will be able to show off their love for the show in style. Get it here.

    17. #TGIT wine glasses, $10


    Everyone needs some wine to get through the emotional roller coaster that is Shonda Thursdays. Get them here.

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