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    A Tumblr User Has Coined The Term “Farmer’s Market Hot” And It’s Perfect

    All the hotties are at the market.

    Last year was the year of the lumbersexuals.

    It was a great time filled with beards, flannel, and big, strong guys.

    But now it's time for a new movement. Introducing: Farmer's Market Hot.

    According to Tumblr user, tofixtheshadows, "Farmer's Market Hot is a wholesome kind of hot. Rugged but approachable."

    "This is the kind of hot for people who some organic cheeses on their way to pick up their kids from their Creativity Through Music class," tofixtheshadows added.

    Chris Evans, for example, is the kind of guy you'd want holding your hand while you stroll the market looking for organic fruit.

    But Farmer's Market Hot isn't a term restricted to just men.

    Even couples can rock the Farmer's Market aesthetic.

    Seriously, wouldn't you want Zachary Levi there to help you pick out artisan breads?

    It's time to add Farmer's Market Hot to your vocabulary.