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    21 Struggles That Are Too Real For Drake

    "I know they say the first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest."

    1. When you try to make that hotline bling but the operator says the number is no longer in service.

    Jag Gundu / Getty Images

    2. When you're still trying to decide if you should release "3Peat" or just let Meek Mill live.

    Cash Money Records / Via

    3. When you get caught up listening to your own lyrics and find yourself at Rihanna's house.

    Cash Money Records / Via

    4. When your girl keeps trying to tell everyone she's classier than your last and you're just like, "We know."

    Cash Money Records / Via

    5. When you want to go to the club but you see your ex-girl standing in line with your next girl who's standing with the girl you're fucking right now.

    Sportsnet / Via

    6. When you've been dating for months and bae still doesn’t know how you take your coffee

    October's Very Own / Via

    7. When you're finally getting rid of that mark your ex left on you and that's when she decides to show up again, out of the blue.

    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

    8. When you get drunk and call your ex but you find out she's happy now with a good guy.

    Cash Money / Via

    9. When you're trying to explain to bae that it really hurts your feelings when she says you're soft but she's just not listening.

    YouTube / Via

    10. When people still ask you if starring on Degrassi was really starting from the bottom.

    Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

    11. When bae breaks up with you and tells you, "The money changed you."

    12. When you have to explain to your girl that jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    13. When you go out and see your old girl with her new man and you have to keep reminding yourself he's not who he pretends to be.

    Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

    14. When you tell your girl she looks the prettiest, chilling with no makeup on but she takes it wrong.

    ABC / Via

    15. When your girl keeps asking you why you're leaving but you know you got your reasons.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    16. When bae asks if she's looking good tonight and you can't tell if you should be honest or lie.

    Cash Money Records Inc. / Via

    17. When the honesty in your music has left you exposed but people just aren't getting it the way they're supposed to.

    18. When you're out with your boys and bae calls asking why you're not home yet.

    Cash Money / Via

    19. When you're on fire that night but Maliah ain't working tonight.

    Grant Lamos Iv / Getty Images

    20. When you want to run through the 6 with your woes but they disappear on you at the last minute.

    Cash Money Records / Via

    21. When bae keeps talking to you like you're that Drake from four years ago.

    VH1 / Via

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