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15 Things You're Getting Wrong About Pakistan

Here's to failing better next time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1. People in Pakistan do not speak Arabic.

Zainab Shah / Via

2. None of the neighboring countries speak Arabic either.

Zainab Shah / Via

3. And while we have our maps open: Pakistan is not in the Middle East.

Middle East


To your left is a map of the Middle East. To your right is a map of Pakistan.

4. English has been Pakistan's official language for 67 years.

NBC / Via

Try not to be so shocked when Pakistanis speak it well.

5. Though Urdu is the national language, only 8% of people in the country speak it as a first language.

6. Pakistan is not a desert.

You're confusing it with Saudi Arabia again.

7. Some Pakistani cities look like this.

Haris Salman / Via Flickr

8. Pakistani people don't all look alike.


Here's a photo of the national football team.

And here are three Pakistani men.

Just for context.

9. Pakistani food is not all curry.

But it is all delicious.

10. "Naan" means bread, so when you call it "naan bread," you're actually saying bread bread.

Bhofack2 / Via

Just don't do it.

11. "Chai" means tea, so when you call it "chai tea" you're actually saying tea tea.

Disney / Via

I'm beginning to see a pattern.

12. Pakistani people are not all terrorists.


Please stop selecting them for "random" searches at airports.

13. This guy was not from Pakistan.


Though he did hang out there for a bit.

14. Pakistan has a long list of homegrown feminist fighters.

Andrew Tavani / Via HerStory

Pakistan is home to Fatima Sughra, who pulled down the Union Jack from the Punjab Civil Secretariat Building in 1947 and replaced it with the emblem of the political party fighting for freedom from British rulers in the Indian subcontinent. She was 14 at the time.

Read more about Pakistan's lesser-known feminist history here.

15. Pakistanis don't hate Indians.

@aadi104 / Via twitter

Despite ongoing military and political conflicts.

Except during a cricket match.

So if someone tries to tell you otherwise:

NBC / Via reddit

Because you know better.

WB / Via giphy

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