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    9 Posts From Our International Teams That Prove Everybody Loves To Hate

    Britain got trolled by Australia, Indian Twitter is pissed at Bobby Jindal, Germany made everyone feel old and Canada -- well, Canada has nothing but love.

    1. From Sydney: The British Are Having A “Heatwave” And They Don’t Know What They’re On About

    The Brits are having a heat wave and the Aussies told them to chill out. Check out the post for more trolling from Mark Di Stefano.

    2. From London: Is London Hotter Than The Rest Of The World? / Via

    In Britain's defense, Chris Applegate and Robin Edds designed a quiz that helped us figure out exactly how hot it is there.

    3. From Paris: Ce coup de gueule anti-taxis a été liké plus de 80.000 fois sur Facebook (This Anti-Taxi Open Letter Was Liked 80,000 Times On Facebook)

    Facebook: maxime.coulon.71

    Judging from the likes on Facebook, Maxime Coulon isn't the only one frustrated with Paris' taxis, David Perrotin reports.

    (PS. The post has now gotten more than double the 80,000 likes it had when David's article was published.)

    4. From Mumbai: Bobby Jindal Really Pissed Off Indians And They’re Lighting Him Up On Twitter

    Sean Gardner / Via Getty Images

    “#BobbyJindalIsSoWhite he has to be washed separately in warm water” and other gems collected for us by Sahil Rizwan.

    5. From São Paulo: 17 antes e depois que descrevem sua vida no começo e no fim do mês (17 Photos That Describe Your Life At The Beginning And The End Of Each Month)

    twitter: sodamntrue

    This may as well be a photo roundup of your bank account.

    6. From Berlin: Schaffst Du es durch diesen Post, ohne Dich alt zu fühlen (Can You Make It Through This Post Without Feeling Old?)


    A photo reminder from Nina Scholz that we're old — thanks Nina!

    7. From Mexico City: 24 Momentos que solo entenderás si fuiste a una escuela católica (24 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To A Catholic High School) / Via Getty Images

    Some nostalgia from Bibiñe Barud to cut through all that hate.

    8. From Toronto: 5 Marriage Equality Cards To Send Your American Friends


    I just hope someone sent this post to all these people.

    9. And special guest star, from New York (by way of Denmark): We Asked Non-Danes To React To Photos Of Danish Stuff And This Is What Happened


    Some reactions were positive -- others, not so much.

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