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9 Posts From Our International Teams That Prove Everybody Loves To Hate

Britain got trolled by Australia, Indian Twitter is pissed at Bobby Jindal, Germany made everyone feel old and Canada -- well, Canada has nothing but love.

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1. From Sydney: The British Are Having A “Heatwave” And They Don’t Know What They’re On About

The Brits are having a heat wave and the Aussies told them to chill out. Check out the post for more trolling from Mark Di Stefano.

3. From Paris: Ce coup de gueule anti-taxis a été liké plus de 80.000 fois sur Facebook (This Anti-Taxi Open Letter Was Liked 80,000 Times On Facebook)

Facebook: maxime.coulon.71

Judging from the likes on Facebook, Maxime Coulon isn't the only one frustrated with Paris' taxis, David Perrotin reports.

(PS. The post has now gotten more than double the 80,000 likes it had when David's article was published.)