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8 Times BuzzFeed's International Teams Called You Out

This week was all about not putting up with the BS.

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1. From Sao Paulo: 15 pessoas que não entendem como as aspas funcionam (15 People Who Are Using Quotation Marks All Wrong)

Via Twitter:lorojordan

Do not let these improper uses of quotation marks fool you!

Rafael Campanema and Manu Barem rounded up people who very much deserve the public shaming they've now received. This was a huge post for the Brazil team this week, with a 14x viral lift.


6. From Mexico City: Por esto, Monterrey es la peor ciudad en México (This Is Why Monterrey Is The Worst City In Mexico)

eperales CC BY / Via Flickr: eperales

Don't let this photo roundup by Baxter fool you. This is another classic of the worst-but-actually-the-best genre, and a huge hit for the Mexico team this week.