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9 International Posts That Prove The Internet Is A Dark, Delightful Place

If you haven't read about Toronto's dead raccoon memorial, you have seriously disappointed Meme Jesus From Hell.

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1. From Toronto: People In Toronto Created A Memorial To A Dead Raccoon After The City Forgot To Pick It Up

Don't quite know what to say about this sidewalk discovery except that it really brought ppl together. #deadraccoonto

Is this Canada's Broken Door moment? Yes. Yes it is.


6. From Mumbai: Dear Apple, We Need To Talk About Your Ridiculous iPhone Chargers

My iPhone charger broke and I tried to fix it. #fail

How long can we avoid this conversation? Rega Jha from Mumbai thinks it's time to talk.

9. From Paris: Les citations de Nicolas Sarkozy transformées en posters pour vos toilettes (Nicholas Sarkozy Quotes For Your Bathroom)

KARIM SAHIB/AFP / Getty Images / Via

Anais Bordages brings you fifteen deep and meaningful Nicholas Sarkozy quotes in poster form, perfect for your bathroom. Or bedroom. Or basement prison! Whatever, you do you.