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    11 Times Joey Tribbiani Was The Smartest "Friend"

    Mr. Tribbiani truly is special in his own way.

    1. When he passed on the wisdom he learned from watching The Discovery Channel.

    2. When Joey proved that there were no purely good deeds.

    3. When the fridge broke, so he did the only logical thing possible.

    4. When he called out his friends on stereotypical biases and surprised us all.

    5. When Ross was trying to get help by yelling, and Joey came up with a new plan.

    6. When he came up with a "Moo Point," giving a name to a cow's opinion.

    7. When he basically captured the essence of a living room interior decoration.

    8. When he proved that he perfectly understands the intricacies of English grammar.

    9. When he logically helped Ross find out who his secret admirer was.

    10. When he spoke this bitter truth to the rest of the group.

    11. And when he put the others to shame by being the master of obvious.

    Let's give it up for Joey Tribbiani.