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13 Stages Of Getting A Jingle Stuck In Your Head

It happens to the best of us. A jingle burrows into your brain, and you're caught in a musical cycle of emotions. Think you have what it takes to write the next addictive jingle? Zag Bank, Canada’s newest direct bank, wants you to write their next jingle for them.

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3. Next, you blurt the lyrics out in the middle of a conversation with another human.

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You try your best to make your interest in this jingle seem ironic. You try to make the other human think you're making fun of it. But we all know... You love it.

7. You become convinced that every song, ever, is just a rip-off of your favorite jingle.

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The next day, you can't listen to music on your commute or at your desk. You vow never to listen to another song again, as a show of respect for Your Jingle.

8. You try to involve The Jingle in as much of your day as possible.

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Every sentence you utter is to the tune of The Jingle. You answer your telephone with The Jingle. Then, naturally, your ringtone becomes The Jingle.

12. You realize you can live at peace with the jingle.

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You stop obsessing. You let it live within you. You listen to music again, for the first time in what seems like years. It's good. It's beautiful.

To prove you're really at peace, why not try your hand at writing the next big jingle for Zag Bank? Reaping the rewards makes any earworm easier to bear.