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27 EXO Gifs That'll Brighten Up Your Day

Or, 27 gifs that prove that EXO is just as lovable as they are talented.

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1. Chen over here lookin' like a cute lil puppy.

2. Chanyeol be creepin'.

3. The gif that makes you question how Xiumin is the eldest member.

4. Possibly the three cutest thing ever.

5. Kai's face says it all.

6. Another prime example of maknae line being 100% done with their leader.

7. Tao having the time of his life.

8. Pororo with another fellow penguin.

9. Which one is the child in this?

10. An actual kitten.

11. The four hobbits of EXO.


12. Two words: Pouty Lay.


13. How Baekhyun wins a race.

14. When the maknae and the eldest member are complete contradictions of their age.

15. Luhan, fashion supermodel of the world.

16. When Chanyeol did a self-interview and..

17. Kris is all of us in this situation.

18. The two greatest things in this gif: the puppy pillows and Chanyeol falling.

19. Kris choking on his drink as walrus Chen witnesses and laughs in the background.

20. On another of edition of Suho Being Extra™

21. I'm sorry Chanyeol, but it's not working out the same for you.

22. When you're too violent for your own good.

23. Kai's face says it all #2.

24. Too much sass contained one person.

25. Kyungsoo being cuddly as hell.

26. Lay's number one pet peeve: someone blowing on his neck.

27. And lastly, OT12 craziness. 💕

Happy 4th anniversary, EXO!

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